mould cleaning

Mould in your home

What are the health implications of mould in the home? Eye irritation, leading to inflammation or watery eyes, coughing! Asthma attacks or even the onset of asthma! Resatlems due to the mould ould spores getting into the lungs. Removing mould and making

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Domestic dust

What is dust, anyway? Dust is the collective term used to describe the wide variety of organic and inorganic particles that collect in our homes. Here’s an unpleasant thought: The majority of dust is made up from shed skin cells. That’s why

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oven on fire

Keeping your oven clean

Keeping an oven clean is essential not only for the quality of the food, but also the operation of the oven. A clean oven cooks and bake ovens more thoroughly and evenly than one that is caked with food along the bottom.

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domestic cleaning services

Housewife writes a letter to all women

“Dear Ladies, In the past I could spend over 8 hours cleaning my house as I wanted everything to be perfect! I loved it when my visitors came and found my place spotless. At the end I’ve realized that no one is

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