Pros and Cons Of Robot Vacuum Cleaners – Should You Get One?

a robot vacuum cleaner going under a sofa

If you have been looking into the best cleaning tools for you to have at home, you have probably been checking into vacuum cleaners. Other than the most common types like the canister and upright vacuums, there are also robot vacuum cleaners.

Getting a robot vacuum cleaner will offer you a lot of value, and in this article, we will take a look at the benefits and shortcomings of having one of those.

Pros of robot vacuum cleaners

Starting with the strengths of robot vacuum cleaners, there is a lot for you to love, when it comes to them and how much freedom they can offer you. Here are some of them.

  • Hands-free cleaning. Robot vacuum cleaners take the need for you to walk around with a broom or another vacuum in hand. They will do the job for you and you won’t have to lift a finger unless a persistent staining has occurred.
  • Lots of free time. Not having to walk around with your vacuum is a great bonus if you wish to spend that time more productively. Robot vacuum cleaners will not only take over, but you can even schedule when they should do it for you.
  • No more tripping over cords. Many of the other vacuum alternatives feature a cord, which can result in tripping and hurting yourself over the cable of your vacuum. Robot vacuum cleaners are cordless, so they save you this headache.
  • Cleaning under furniture with ease. The shape of the robot cleaner allows it easy entry under most furniture, which would normally prove difficult for a canister or upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Schedule cleaning when you are away. Wouldn’t it be nice if you got back home to a cleaner house? Robot vacuum cleaners offer this option! A professional cleaning service could also do that for you, but even more efficiently!
robot vacuum cleaner

Cons of robot vacuum cleaners

As convenient as robot vacuum cleaners are, there are some aspects which they lack and have a tough time compensating for. Some of these include:

  • Lack of the precision that a human cleaner has. As convenient as robot vacuum cleaners are, they can miss a spot or fail at cleaning it properly. A robot will have a tough time making some cleaning calls, when it comes to different types of staining or can be limited in the tools available to deal with it, so a person, especially if they are part of a professional cleaning team, will always have the upper hand compared to a robot vacuum cleaner in dealing with dirt and grime.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners lack power. Robot cleaners trade power for convenience. They are smaller and have reduced suction power compared to other vacuum alternatives. This can significantly reduce their efficiency with various types of dirtiness on your floors.
  • Running out of batteries. In many cases, especially in larger houses, if your robot vacuum cleaner is not charged, or even if it is, its battery could run out, leaving a job half done, thus reducing its value in terms of convenience.
  • They cannot deal with two or more-story houses and can also get stuck. Your robot vacuum cleaner cannot climb stairs, so you would have to buy another for each level of your home. This also leaves the stair cleaning in your hands. Your robot vacuum cleaner can also easily get stuck.
  • They can be costly. Due to the technology that they use, their smaller and finer parts and the convenience that they offer, robot vacuum cleaners can be relatively expensive.

Should you get a robot cleaner?

If you value your time, prefer avoiding common cleaning routines and want cleaning done, a robot vacuum cleaner can offer you the value that you are looking for. You would still need to do some cleaning in some situations that the robot could not deal with.

The best option for cleaning?

Hiring a cleaning service for your business or home cleanness is among the best options available. It will save you time, you still won’t have to do any cleaning by yourself, and you will get your money’s worth in terms of results and money saved on tools and products to clean with!

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