Window Cleaning Made Easier – Cleaning Tools and Tips

window cleaning

Cleaning windows can be annoying, but it doesn’t really have to be. With a few handy tools and simple cleaning tips, your window will be a breast to clean, so follow along.

Tools for cleaning your windows

There are many options that you can take for your window cleaning campaign when it comes to tools, but some of the best include:

  • Towel or preferably a microfibre cloth (at least 3 per window)
  • Telescopic window wiper for hard-to-reach places
  • Appropriate window cleaner

In some cases, you may even use a magnet window cleaner or a robot window cleaner to make it even easier.

Switch the wipes

Going into your window cleaning routine with a single piece of cleaning cloth, will result in smears and is far more time-consuming. As your cleaning tools get dirtier their efficiency wanes, which is why it’s always a good idea to have at least a few wipes for each set of window wings.

Start with the window frame and the corners

Wiping away dust or any dirt around the window frame and its corners should be done in advance. Leaving those for last will simply end up ruining the great results of your cleaning routine.

Wash off dirt, spray with cleaner, dry off

Before you get to spraying cleaner onto your window, you should first wash off any dirt build-ups. Go around the entire window with a wet cloth or an alternative. Once you have taken off some of the more persistent spots, spray the cleaner away and properly wash the entirety of your window once more. With that done all you have to do is dry your window off.

window cleaning

Stick to using one cloth for the same purpose

Taking off dirt, wiping the cleaner and drying off the glass should all be done with 3 separate cloths. This is going to significantly reduce the chance of streaking your windows or smearing them. Do the routine for one wing of your window, then move on to the next, using your wiping tools in the same order and purpose.

Z-shape and from top to bottom

For best results and clean windows, you should always wipe your windows in a z-shape, going downwards. By doing so you will avoid running over spots you have already cleaned. Also, any water and window cleaner in excess, will be streaming downwards, and as you go downwards you will get rid of that too.

Avoid direct sunlight when cleaning windows

Hot weather, direct sunlight and cleaning windows do not go well hand in hand. Window cleaners will simply dry off way too quickly and will leave your windows streaked, whenever they are exposed to directly the the beams of the sun.

If your property is big or you are a business owner, make sure to consider calling a professional cleaning service, to make your windows shine, with zero sweat on your part!

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