Rainbow AV LTD Terms and Conditions

Booking and cancellation policy

– we require at least 24 hour notice if our clients needs to cancel their regular scheduled cleaning session or they may still be charged for the full amount of the session

– if the regular cleaning lady is unable to attend the regular cleaning slot then the client should be notified as soon as possible and they keep their right to either agreed for a cover cleaner or skip the visit

In cases of damage caused by our cleaners

– in case of a damage occurred in one off cleans, the client must report that no later than 24 hours after the cleaning has been done, we cannot accept any claims reported later than this specific period

– in case of damage the client must report to the company’s manager and wait for them to inspect the damage and both sides to agree on it, we cannot accept any claims related to uninspected damages

– the client MUST by all means inform the cleaners if specific furniture, flooring, or surfaces require special attention or treatment in order to avoid possible damage

Cleaning standards not up to the level

– if a client thinks that the cleaning standard is not up to a level they must report that issue within 24h of the performance of the last cleaning visit

– the client must then allow our cleaners to go back and re do the job, or our manager to visit and inspect the property and discuss the issue

Note that by using our services you agree with the above terms.

Terms and Conditions subject to change.

Rainbow AV LTD Team