Best Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

a man with his dog pet

Having a pet can be great, even if it slightly raises the need for more regular cleaning.

Let’s take a look at the few tips that will help your cleaning be safer for your pets, and will also reduce the need for frequent cleanup.

Use home remedies or natural cleaners

Your pet will likely go back to make a mess out of the places you had just cleaned up. Whether it’s immediately or a bit later, having the items or spots cleaned with natural products or home remedies, will keep them safe for your pets, too. Harsh chemicals can be dangerous to pets.

This is why keeping it green and using, baking soda, vinegar and even ordinary dish soap, is a fantastic tip to keep your home clean and your pets safe!

Control pet hair in your home

If your pet sheds a lot, it is a great idea to take the initiative and brush your pets as often as possible to reduce the hair that will go on the floor or your sofa. Consider grabbing a good vacuum cleaner or extra long bristled broom, so you can catch any pet hair on your floors with ease. When it comes to the sofas, using a damp cloth to slowly pick off hair piles, is highly recommended.

Pet urine cleanup

Whether your pet has a cage and is out only during playtime or is running free around your home, chances are that at some point you will have to deal with pet urine stains and odour. It is important to deal with pet urine as soon as you see it.

If your pet has used your hard floor as its restroom, you might be able to easily deal with ti, by just wiping and spraying the spot with urine remover. Upholstery and carpet, on the other hand, would be much harder to clean up. You should first carefully blot up any liquid left on the surface. Add some baking soda over the spot, add several drops of white vinegar and let the mixture sit there. After 5-10 min the mixture should have absorbed the urine and removed the odour – blot up the area using a cloth.

pet owner with a cat

Control their play-time area

If your pet plays inside, you should consider using covers and reducing the play area with either a cage or furniture. This will reduce stains and grime, making for an easy cleaning tip for pet owners, to keep their rooms cleaner.

If your pet plays outside, always make sure to give them a good clean-up before you allow them to run back into the house.

Consider professional cleaning service

If you have a pet, that has made a mess which you are not sure how to clean up, make sure to give the professionals a call. A professional cleaning service, will restore any surfaces in your home and advise you how to handle similar situations in the future.

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