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Dirty oven? We've got this!

oven cleaning

We offer a professional and efficient oven cleaning service to all our customers.

Oven cleaning is one of the domestic jobs our clients say to hate most! It often goes to their “TO DO” list but never gets done. Not only because it’s time consuming but getting great results with domestic oven cleaning products can be a real pain and almost impossible.

However “THE DAY” needs to come sooner or later. We all know about the risks of using a dirty oven. Apart from the bad smell from the burnt grease it can even cause fire. So when that day comes for your oven you’ll need to look for the professionals.

At Rainbow AV we pride ourselves with delivering amazing results with every oven cleaning job we undertake. We’ve been offering this service in Kingston upon Thames, Surbiton and surrounding areas for the past three years. When we combine our experience with professional cleaning products, hard working cleaners and the right tools there’s no oven we can’t deal with.

So why not leave it to us? Get a quote now and remove this unpleasant task from your list!

Prices starting from

Oven Cleaning Services Prices
Single oven£65
Double oven£85

Please note that for best result we need to disassemble your oven. 

Price includes oven disassembling, oven door, shelves, deep clean of tray.
Extractor fan, hobs and extra tray(s) are not included in the price, but can be quoted separately.

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