How to Maintain Your Washing Machine and Extend Its Life?

Washing machines are one of the appliances that save hours upon hours of work for you. And just like the rest of appliances, you want to make sure you use and maintain your washing machine well, so it can serve you faithfully and for a long time, as well.

From the way you use it, to your maintenance routines, here are a few things you can do to keep your washing machine around for a long time.

Put in only the laundry

One of the simplest ways to extend the life of your washing machine and reduce repair costs is by putting only the laundry into your washing machine. You should always empty any pockets of your clothes, unbundle any piles for any caught-up objects and strictly put in only things that are supposed to go in the washing machine.

Any clutter like coins, papers and other things that are not supposed to make it into the drum of your washing machine, can cause damage, clog up filters and lead to your machine leaking or worse. Our article about useful laundry tips will help you out a ton to extend the life of your washing machine!

Combat limescale

One of the biggest nuisances for your washing machine is limescale. The harsher the water, the bigger the limescale problem is. Limescale can reduce the life of your washing machine, by cloning around some of its components and making them work harder or less efficiently.

Furthermore, limescale can impact the quality of your laundry, ruining its clean look. It can also increase the amount of cleaning products you use for your clothes. Using a washing machine cleaner is one of your best bets in keeping your washing machine up and running for many years to come. Installing a water softener or adding filters where possible can significantly reduce the limescale impact on your washing machine.

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Mind the load limit of your washing machine

Sometimes time is short and you might feel tempted to clog the machine to the brim with clothes, to save time for all the other tasks you have. We would advise against that though.

Every washing machine has a weight limit of dry cloth that you can put in, which is usually inscribed in its front part. Exceeding that limit could lead to damage to your washing machine. As clothes get wet they become much heavier, so exceeding the limit even with a bit can put a major strain on your washer. Doing it regularly though will definitely be to the detriment of your washing machine’s lifespan.

Clean your washing machine thoroughly

You don’t have to do it after every wash or even after ten. You should, however, give your washing machine some attention by cleaning every component that you can:

  • Check the dispensers and filters for any trapped fabric and residue left over.
  • Unload the coin trap.
  • Wash the exterior of your washing machine, especially around the control buttons.
  • Clean the drum, gaskets and seals of your washing machine.

A clean washing machine will offer you fantastic results with your laundry.

Keep your washing machine level

Every washing machine’s position can be fixed through its legs in order to keep it even. Use a level to measure if your machine is properly placed. This is important because when high-speed rounds kick in, the laundry load and an even appliance can cause damage to the drum and the components around it.


These are a few tips that will surely help out with keeping your washing machine up and running for a long time. Using your washer the way it is supposed to be used and performing regular maintenance, is one easy way to extend its lifespan!