8 Very Useful Laundry Tips

Doing the laundry is one of the main housekeeping duties, no matter if we like it or not.

As easy as it seems though we often make mistakes when it comes to doing it right.

Avoiding these can help us provide longer life for our clothes and maintain fresh and clean outfits which will eventually lead to saving money as well.

  1. Make sure you sort all clothes right.
    This does not apply for the colours only but for the type of fabric as well. You should never mix natural fibres and textures with non-natural fabrics. As for keeping the colours alive longer there are anti-dye bleeding sheets in the store across the road.
  1. Loading too much washing powder or detergents.
    If you put too much washing detergent this doesn’t mean you’ll have a better result. It can only cause you double trouble and you’ll have to rinse all again.
  1. Mind the zips.
    Make sure you always zip up all zips when doing the laundry. Same applies for Velcro and bra clips. These can easily damage the rest of your washing if you don’t take precautions.
  1. Using the full volume of your washing machine.
    NEVER use the maximum loading volume of your washing machine. First your clothes will come out not that clean and dry. Second – you’ll need to change washing machines more often than you would expect. The manufacturers need to give the capacity by law but they never recommend using the full one of the machine.
  1. Never wash your swimsuit in the washing machine.
    This should be done by hand using cold water only. Otherwise you may damage the fabrics.
  1. Once started the BIG washing day don’t leave the machine to rest.
    Once started and heated it’s better to continue using it until it’s all done. You will save electricity even though you might think the opposite.
    The washing machine will simply use the heat from the first spin and will not have to heat up that long again which will automatically save you electric energy and will affect your monthly bill especially if you’re a housewife with three children and use your machine constantly. 🙂
  1. Using fabric softener when washing towels.
    Fabric softeners affect the absorbency of the fabrics. That’s why it’s better not to use such when doing your towels.
  1. Lastly, ALWAYS read and follow the labels.
    That’s the simplest thing you can do in order to avoid ruining yours or others’ clothes.
    Also remember that maintaining your washing machine clean and serviced will always give you better results.

If in doubt or if you need ANY help with your washing, cleaning, ironing or other household domestic job, just contact us or give us a ring.

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