How to Choose the Right Washing Machine for Your Home?

washing machine

Whether your schedule is busy or not as much, having a washing machine is a time and effort-saver any household should have. Tying into this fact, choosing the right washing machine for your home is important.

How to choose the right washing machine? Let us take a look at a few things to consider when you are on the lookout for the washing machine that best fits your needs.

Top loading vs front loading washing machines

These are the two main types of washing machines and each type has its own strengths and weaknesses that you should consider.

Front-loaders will:

  • Save you money on electricity, water and detergents.
  • Preserve clothes better.
  • Offer more cleaning programmes, suitable for more fabrics.
  • Be able to perform higher temperature wash.
  • Offer more space and room design options.
  • Take longer to finish a washing cycle.
  • Offer less capacity overall.
  • Have higher initial cost.
  • Possibly grow mould, if left closed after a cycle finishes.

While top loaders will:

  • Offer your more laundry capacity.
  • Finish washing your clothes faster overall.
  • Allow you to add more clothes during a cycle, with ease.
  • Be cheaper to buy.
  • Run no risk of catching mould.
  • Be more expensive to run due to higher utility and cleaning supplies usage.
  • Not offer as many options to properly clean and wash your clothes.
  • Not fit just anywhere, due to their bigger capacity and lid placement.
  • Be much louder during washing cycles.

Capacity of the washing machine

How big is your household? Do you want to do the laundry in a single load, or do you have the option to set up washing your clothes many times a day? How many laundry days do you need a week? Asking yourself these questions will help you determine the right capacity, for the perfect washing machine for your home.

Front loaders are the better option, whenever you don’t have to do huge amounts of laundry in one go. Since they are economical, they are better for more regular use and smaller laundry loads.

Top loaders, on the other hand, can help you power through a week’s worth of clothes in just a few quick cycles. They are perfect if you are short on time. A larger household can also greatly benefit from a top loader washing machine, especially when it comes to the regular change of sheets and blankets which can be pretty space-demanding.

Cycles and programmes

Depending on your needs when it comes to fine fabric cleaning in general, the front loader will give you more options and better preserve finer clothes during washing. The cycles are longer as a smaller drum gets filled with less water. On the plus side though, most front loaders, have inbuilt heaters, which allow them to work with higher temperatures for better cleaning, for which a top loader would need a separate hot water access.

Top loaders on the other hand, are super convenient when you need a lot of your laundry done and you want it fast. There are a little bit fewer washing options, but on the upside, you can add or remove any items with ease. If you want to do all your washing in a single day and there is a lot of it, top-loader washing machines are the way to go.


There is much more that goes into determining the best washing machine for your home, but those are generally some of the things to consider when picking your washing machine. In the meantime, you could check out our professional cleaning service to help you save time and get fantastic results. Or you could also check out some of our fantastic laundry tips!