Cordless VS Corded Vacuum Cleaners: Which best suits your needs?

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A home without a vacuum cleaner takes longer to keep shiny and clean. This is also why the vacuum cleaner is on our list of 4 best cleaning tools for your home.

But not all vacuum cleaners are equal or the best pick for your home. One such detail is whether your vacuum cleaner will have a cord. Let’s look at a few strengths and weaknesses of both options.

Cordless vacuums – pros and cons

Choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner has a ton of benefits and we will list a few of them below:

  1. Safety. Starting with the pros, your cleaning routine can greatly benefit if you have to worry about one hazard less. They are safer and more comfortable to use. Cordless vacuums do not have a 5-6 meter long cable that must always be attached to your machine. You are completely safe to walk around the entire apartment/house and focus on any soil that must be removed, without worrying that you or a loved one might trip over a cord.
  2. Portability. No need to worry about power outlet availability as cordless vacuum cleaners offer lots of mobility when cleaning. No matter which part of your place you need to clean, and how far the nearest power source is. As long as your cordless vacuum cleaner is charged, you can vacuum away even the most remote places on your property.
  3. Comfort. Cordless vacuum cleaners are usually more compact than corded ones. This makes them easier to handle and store. They save a ton of space and even look stylish. They are also far lighter, which makes them perfect for larger homes since you don’t have to drag them all around. They are generally quieter too.
  4. Versatility – Cordless vacuum cleaners come in all sizes and for all purposes. There is the upright vacuum, which is extremely popular. If you prefer hands-free vacuuming, robot vacuum cleaners give you this option. Handheld vacuum cleaners, are fantastic when you want to get into tough-to-reach places.

But it’s not all ups – here are some of the cons of cordless vacuums:

  • In most cases, they are more expensive upfront.
  • They run on batteries and can cut cleaning short in larger homes.
  • Even high-end vacuum cleaners are not as powerful as corded ones.
  • Higher repair costs.
  • Require more regular maintenance, due to smaller size.
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Corded vacuums – pros and cons

Corded vacuum cleaners are often cannister types and have no less advantages over their counterparts. Here are some corded vacuums pros:

  1. Reliability. One of the greatest pros of the corded vacuum cleaner is that you will always get your cleaning done. You never run the risk of running out of power – a corded vacuum cleaner can go for as long as you need. They can also hold on to far more waste before they need cleaning.
  2. Suction power. The average corded vacuum cleaner will always draw more power, has a larger motor and therefore can handle, hair, particles and soilings much better than a cordless vacuum. This can be particularly useful for carpet floors.
  3. Better cleaning results. Directly tied into the previous point, with unlimited usability and greater power you can achieve better results during your cleaning routine.
  4. Cheaper upfront. Since their design is relatively straightforward, corded vacuum cleaners are generally cheaper, unless compared to very small cordless vacuums. This applies to any repairs that they might need too. In the long run, they can save you more, especially if you do not use them very often or for too long.

As for some of the cons of your corded vacuum cleaner, it:

  • Can catch up in costs to a cordless cleaner, especially if you need to use it very often.
  • Is a tripping hazard for very everybody. You can also pull down or damage objects with the cord if you do not pay attention.
  • Is heavy, bulky and can take up a lot of space in your room. Uncomfortable if you need to drag through several rooms.

These are some of the most notable pros and cons of cordless vs corded vacuum cleaners. If you are still on the fence, check out this piece about how to pick the best vacuum cleaner for your home. As for your cleaning needs, you should also give our list of services a look, or check out our blog for even more useful advice!