Useful Cleaning Tips for Lazy Housewives

There really isn’t a housewife who would like to be called lazy or untidy. We can understand thou that in our busy everyday life full of different responsibilities it may become quite hard for one to take care of the children, husband, get a meal ready and still manage to maintain clean home and healthy environment for their family.

Even if cleaning is not one of your most favorite hobbies you could still keep on top of it if you follow some easy everyday rules. You’ll definitely be surprised of how a few tips can save you hours of scrubbing, polishing and washing.

  1. Make the beds every morning – the bedrooms will look tidier if the bed is stretched. It will take you less than a minute to get a great all day lasting result.
  2. Try to get rid of stains, spillages and dirt immediately after spotting them. You’ll surely spend a few minutes but this way you’ll stay on top of things so you’ll be avoiding deep cleans in future which can sometimes be quite unpleasant and time consuming.
  3. Do your laundry often enough, never leave the piles for a one-day job? Especially if you have children the hygiene should be on a very high level. We all know that toddler’s clothes must be washed well and ironed to prevent bacteria from spreading. If you have the space – get a second washing machine and start the cycle running.
  4. Get rid of unused furniture and try to declutter. Less furniture and clutter equals to easier and quicker cleaning. We all love our Christmas cards – they are great, full of joy and spirit. But let’s face it – we must throw them away at some point.
  5. Wash the dishes after each use – don’t leave dirty dishes, cup and glasses. Don’t let them pile up, if you have a dishwasher and you’re short of time or just can’t be bothered – use it. In the meantime, try to put them away as well.
  6. Listen to your favorite music – while cleaning put your favorite track on. You’ll be amazed how easy everything will look like. You’ll immediately feel more energized and before you know it you’ll finish with the dirty tasks.
  7. Hire a cleaning company – if however, you’re still struggling with your everyday tasks and want buy time for yourself just hire a cleaning company. There’s nothing to be ashamed. Please be careful when choosing your cleaners, thou.


– Try to avoid “private” cleaners – you can never be sure for what will happen even if they provide references.

– Always look for a local cleaning company – they will ever be more reliable and you can easily check their background.

– Always ask for invoices from your cleaning company – including your cleaner’s details just for a peace of mind.

– Try and get a relationship with the manager – it’s very important to have good communication and to trust the leader even when you decide to leave keys for your home.

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