Tips for quick and easy ironing – Part 1

easy ironing tips

In our days most fabrics are made easy to iron so you don’t have to spend your entire day for doing such unpleasant for most people job.¬†However clothes like shirts, trousers and skirts must be ironed to perfection so you can wear them with confidence. We all know how essential the first impression we leave is.

Probably the most important thing for quick and easy ironing is to organize your ironing space correctly. Make sure you place your ironing board facing light so you can see even the smallest creases. The ironing board itself is not less important. It needs to be wide enough for quick ironing and stable enough for your comfort. Always choose to do the ironing on a hard floor surface if possible. Of course your iron is one of the main things you need to consider in order to get good results. Whichever type of iron you choose to use you’re likely to get great results by following these tips:

  1. If your ironing has piled up with the time and it seems impossible to get it done all at once just try to sort it first – by type of clothes and linen, type of fabric. Start with low temperature when you iron synthetics and increase the temperature when it comes to cotton and linen.
  2. If the clothes are very dry this will make the whole ironing job quite difficult. Just spray them with some water beforehand. You can also find ready spray mixtures with different fragrances in most stores.
  3. Always make sure your iron is clean at the bottom. If you live in area with hard water maintain and clean your iron regularly with the proper lime scale removal solutions. This will help you minimize the risk of leaving yellow/brown stains on the fabrics*.
    * This tip does not apply for steam generator irons – see part 2.
  4. Always iron clean clothes and linen. Stains often appear after ironing even if you were not able to see them before that.
  5. Make sure you empty your iron after usage and it’s completely dry before putting it back in the cupboard. You’ll prevent lime scale build ups and rusting.

Continues in part 2…..

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