How to Design an Easy-to-clean Kitchen

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Kitchens tend to get quite messy, but at the same time need to very clean and spotless, because this is where you prepare your food. While you cannot get around the mess that could ensue in your kitchen, there are certainly some ways to make a cleaning routine easier to perform.

If you are about to move into a new place or renovate your kitchen, in this article we will take a look at a few things that will make cleaning it a much easier and shorter endeavour.

Consider easy-to-clean surfaces

For your countertops, especially around the sink, you cannot go wrong by picking surfaces made out of quarts and other non-porous materials. Stainless steel, glass and porcelain are other options that you can use when designing your kitchen, in order to make it so much easier to clean.

Non-porous materials are highly resistant to water damage, which also makes them much easier to wipe. Picking the right materials for the kitchen surfaces in your home will keep your kitchen looking good for years to come and let you keep it shiny with ease.

Consider the flooring

Laminate could also be a good addition to your kitchen for easier cleaning, as long it does not get excessively soaked and its top layer is kept intact. Ceramics are absolutely the best for the floor of your kitchen since they are super easy to clean and they handle spills and stains with ease. As for what you should never use for your easy-to-clean kitchen design? Carpets are an absolute no-go.

Extra trash bins

The busier your home is or the less time you have for home chores, the more cooking you’ll have to do in your kitchen in a single session. This could easily result in excess leftover ingredients, food and any trash accumulated while making a meal.

Having extra bins around your kitchen means you won’t ever have to leave junk around, staining your kitchen, which helps reduce the need for cleaning.

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Mount your cabinets to the wall

Designing an easy-to-clean kitchen can be as easy as reducing the number of surfaces you need to clean regularly. Mounting your cabinets to the wall, above your counters will reduce the chance of ever staining them in the first place.

With that said, you will still need to give your mounted cabinets some cleaning from time to time, but not nearly as much, as if they were under the counter.

Stainless steel appliances

Appliances which are resistant to the majority of staining and dirt sources in the kitchen will save you tons of time on cleaning. Stainless steel appliances are some of the best options if you want an easy-to-maintain kitchen. They do show a lot of fingerprints, but fingerprints are less of a nuisance to clean than stains and grime. Newer stainless steel appliances have already been improved, to tackle this problem, so you might not even need to wipe them more than once a week!

Consider calling a professional cleaning company

Alternatively, if you are short on time, or you cannot switch up your kitchen design right now, considering a professional cleaning service, to save you time, money and effort, could be just the right option for you! Professional cleaning teams have the tools, expertise and the right cleaning materials to make your kitchen and home shine, without you haven to break a sweat!

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