How Often Should You Change Your Bedding


While how often you should change your bedding can vastly vary depending on your situation and piece of bedding, there is a generally good reason to do it regularly.

To determine the best schedule for freshening up your bedding, we will take a look at some of the most common variables, that determine the need for a clean set of sheets.

What does your bedding consist of?

For a quick rundown, here is a partial list of the most common bedding elements:

  • Pillows
  • Pillowcases
  • Mattress covers
  • Duvets
  • Comforters
  • Sheets

Just to name, a few, these are some of the items that need changing.

How often should they go for a wash?

Pillowcases. blankets and sheets for example should be changed weekly or biweekly, at the very least. They can get lots of grime and sweat on them, especially during the summer and even if they do not let out a smell, they can still be unhealthy for you. They are the top layer of protection for your bedware and should receive the most attention maintenance-wise.

Duvets and comforters could last longer without being cleaned. It is a good idea to give them a wash at least twice a year, to ensure they are healthy for you.

Pillows and other chunky bedwear should go through the washer at least once a year. As much as pillowcases and the upper level of your bedding do a good job of protecting your bedware, some of the dirtiness will inevitably make it into the deeper layers of your bleeding.

Let’s look at a few factors that may increase the need to change your bedding more often.

Reasons to change more or less often

Do you sweat a lot?

Genetics can be both a blessing and a curse in many circumstances. If you wake up in an ocean of sweat, you will need to consider a more regular routine of cleaning your bedding. The season can be a huge contributor to this as well. During the summer it’s very easy to get your sheets completely wet if you forget to start the airconditioning or let some draft in on a hot summer night.

Do you have pets or small children?

Either by themselves or all together are a fantastic company to have, however, that means that you should maintain your bedding more often, for both your sake and theirs. Pet fur can leave a lot of irritants like hair and as clean as your pet is, it may still contribute to your sheets getting dirtier faster.

This can impact your health and the health of your kids, too. Children could be contributors by forgetting to get their slippers on or running straight from the playground into their bedroom.

The time of the year

As mentioned above, the hotter the weather is, the more often you must change your sheets. Colder weather can slightly increase the effects of a wash, however, you should still not let the same sheets sit for over two weeks over your bed.

A few tips to keep your sheets (and bedding) clean longer

If you want more free time on your hands there are several simple steps you can take, so your sheets can stay clean for longer periods:

  • Always take a shower before you go to bed. This holds especially if you have been outside that day. It will make you sleep even better and keep grime and sweat away from your sheets.
  • Pajamas or other clothing that does not leave the comfort and cleanness of your bedroom is highly advisable to change into before you hit the sheets.
  • Keep any pets and food off the bed. As tempting as it is, cuddling with your buddies, or relaxing with your favourite meal and a TV show on your bed will likely lead it to getting dirty faster.

If you have your hands full or you feel like you can spend your time better, than battling the bacteria and sweat on your sheets, you can easily lay that task off your hand. In fact, for any cleaning help you might require, considering the aid of a professional cleaning company and their services, will save you lots of time and offer the best results!