Housewife writes a letter to all women

domestic cleaning services

“Dear Ladies,

In the past I could spend over 8 hours cleaning my house as I wanted everything to be perfect! I loved it when my visitors came and found my place spotless. At the end I’ve realized that no one is coming to see my clean house but to ask how I feel, what I do, how do I enjoy myself.
Wouldn’t it be better to read a favourite book, write a letter to an old friend, bake cookies for our children, spend more time with the ones you love and care about?
So here comes the difference between “I want” and “I must”. I want a clean house but I must take care of myself and family.
So I decided to try a local cleaning company – Rainbow AV, based in Surbiton and covering Kingston upon Thames (where I live).
I’ve read great reviews for them and their cleaning services and I found what I really needed.
Rainbow AV offered me:
– great domestic cleaning services (I think best in Kingston and Surbiton as have tried others before)
– great rates and value for money
– reliable and honest cleaners
– discounts on services like carpet cleaning, oven cleaning etc.
All in one place – great option for me and my family, making our life easier.
Now when my friends are visiting we talk about the important things in life and enjoy the cleanliness of my house as never before!
Thank you Rainbow AV!”

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