Habits you should develop following your grandmother’s rules

When it comes to taking the most of our grandmother experience it does not only apply for cooking and cleaning tips.

grandmother’s rules
Grandmother’s rules аre the best ❤

Most of us would agree that our grandparent lived in a better time – better life, better food, better health, and wish we have the chance to do so as well. Simply following and developing these habits will help us reach a level of happiness and great experiences in no time. Even cleaning doesn’t seem that bad after all 🙂

  1. Start walking!
    Walk to work, to shops and everywhere you can go by simply walking as in old times. Researches show the huge benefits from just 40 min walking a day. You’ll be surprised from the results.
  2. Cook your own meals.
    One of the main tasks for your grandmother was cooking for the family. No matter if she was at work all day. Cooking for ourselves can not only be healthier and tastier but also much cheaper than having take away food. ( don’t worry – we will help with cleaning after that 🙂 )
  3. Create your own garden.
    In our everyday busy lives lifestyles gardening can be challenging. But in fact it doesn’t matter if you’re looking after big garden or simply a pot of parsley on the window ledge. The point is – look after something that grows in soil, can be eaten or simply used for your own joy – even a vase with flowers will do the job 🙂
  4. Write letters to friends and family.
    Don’t use emails or computers to write to your close ones. Take the good old paper and pen and start writing. Researched show that the actual writing helps us to express your thoughts. Apart from that you can be sure that you’ll make your loved ones very happy – the post is not only for bills and junk mail after all.
  5. Take good care for your clothes and try not to use that much electrical appliances.
    I bet you can agree that you don’t use half of your clothes regularly. I can also bet that not taking the clothes outside after wash but using the tumble dryer is mostly dictated from your laziness 🙂 main purpose for this point 5 – save money!!! Spend it on something good or to hire some domestic help 🙂 you’ll feel much better in a clean home with money saved from literally nothing.
  6. Clean your home with things you can eat.
    However if you decide not to save money and pay for cleaner but to do it yourself try to use natural products. Our grannies have definitely not used strong acidic cleaners to clean their homes. Instead they would always use baking powder, vinegar, lemon and many other natural and harmless foods and products.

At the end if you think that’s too much for you and your busy everyday life just keep it simple – main rule!

Unfortunately we can’t help you with cooking and gardening, and we can’t “make you” walk but there’s one thing we do best – we clean! So if you ever come to the point looking for reliable, local and trustworthy cleaners just get in touch – we will be happy to help!

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