10 practical tips for spring cleaning at your home

Every home needs attention and proper care to remain cosy, tidy and clean.
One of the “must do” tasks is regular spring cleaning. Of course it needs to be done not that often as the regular cleaning but every housewife needs to find time for that – at least twice per year.
Here are some great tips for spring cleaning at your house or a flat:

      1. Make a list with the areas you need to cover. After you finish cleaning it mark the area as “done”.
      2. Before you start cleaning a room move all furniture in order to go behind sofas, beds, tables etc. This will save you a lot of time rather than moving each item individually while cleaning.
      3. Don’t underestimate the hidden areas as they also collect dust.
      4. Vacuum the floor thoroughly . Don’t forget the corners even if you have to go on your knees. Use proper tools and attachments.
      5. When cleaning behind the furniture don’t forget to wipe it as well. Especially legs of tables and chairs, sofa wheels etc.
      6. It’s good practice to open windows and doors while cleaning. Once you’ve finished with a room close the door behind. You don’t want the dust to move from one room to another.
      7. Sills, frames and boards are often forgotten when it comes to cleaning. Make sure you give them enough attention.
      8. Leave the floors for last, always start from top and finish at the bottom.
      9. For smear free windows use some vinegar diluted in water, then wipe down and polish with kitchen paper.
      10. Always plan you spring cleaning step by step and do it regularly.
spring cleaning tips
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