What should you consider when choosing the flooring for your bedroom?

bedroom flooring

About to do a renovation of your bedroom? Making it a place you love to visit any time of the day can be directly tied to the flooring you choose.

If you are wondering how to make a great choice for the floor in your bedroom, we will be glad to share our piece of advice on the matter.

Comfort is essential

The most important factor when choosing flooring for your bedroom should be the comfort of the flooring and most importantly – the barefoot feel it offers. Carpets, rugs for softness and hardwood floors for great temperature retention and texture are at the top of the list for comfortable flooring.

Luxury vinyl floors are without a doubt right behind the aforementioned options, if not even in between them, offering a cushiony feel and a vast selection of designs to make your bedroom look cosier.

Writing of comfort, it is also important to add, that a carpet and luxury vinyl reduce some of the noise that might disturb you both outside and within your room.

Great designs

Having a huge pool of great-looking designs to choose from is important. Flooring types that offer a lot of different looks, can help you make a choice. that will let you feel fantastic every time you walk into your bedroom.

Luxury vinyl is hands-down one of the best options when it comes to design variety, offering the ability to mimic the looks and even the texture of other types of floorings.


Consider easy-to-maintain and healthy options

Hard floors can be dangerous if you have small children or clumsy pets and the bedroom is often used as a playpen. A hard floor can be less comfortable for plays especially since the participants have a lot of energy and can’t stop running around. It is a good idea to consider getting a softer floor alone.

There is also the flipside, where extra cushiony, higher-pile carpets might retain a lot of allergens, upping the need for regular maintenance, especially if you have household members with respiratory issues. You also need to watch the humidity as too much moisture can make your carpet catch mildew.

Water-resistant, synthetic options will be much easier to maintain if your bedroom is going to host a lot of family activities, like movie nights, for example, and it will be much easier to maintain. Getting off allergens off of high-pile natural carpet or hardwood floors will be trickier to pull off, than doing so with vinyl or even laminate.


The flooring can be the foundation of a cosy, fun and safe bedroom, for both you and your loved ones. To keep it as such proper maintenance will also be required, so if you ever need professional cleaners to help you maintain your bedroom or home perfectly clean, save yourself money and time and call us!