Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them

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A housewife is always in a skirmish to keep her domain – her home – clean and glamouring for her family and guests. Every day she has to deal with certain obstacles, that can prevent her from achieving this goal. One of them are stains and more particularly – carpet stains. Some of them are fierce opponents to the carpet stains removal surbitonhousewife, in her daily struggles to keep her home perfect, especially if they are not tended to in a quick manner.This is why I’m going to give a few tips as to how to remove stains from a carpet and especially the most persistent ones, so that your carpet can always look at its best. Also you will rarely have to use the services of carpet cleaning company once you learn those methods for carpet stain removal. A golden rule in the process of carpet stain removal, as I advised, is to tend to the stain as soon as you see it, because the longer it stays unattended to, the harder it will come off.

Nowadays in almost every family there is a representative of the animal world. One, of the most persistent stains that a housewife can clash with, are those left from a pet or more specifically – animal urine. Sometimes your pet decides, that your carpet is the best place for it to relieve itself. Apart from the stain ruining the carpet visually, the stench coming from it can be unbearable. The first thing you need to do when you see one such stain is to get paper towel and soak up the area as much as possible. Once you do that you need to soak with club soda. Blot the spot and once you do that use carpet shampoo in order to get rid of the odour. I am also going to give you a little tip which might help you avoid this happening in the future. The paper towel, that you had used to soak the stain, you can place near the spot which is meant to be the pet’s toilet. This way is less likely that your pet is going to relieve itself on the carpet again and more likely that it will start going to the proper place. You might also want to restrict the pet from accessing the same area, where it relieved itself for a few days. If the stain had already set in though, you might need to consider high-quality pet odour neutraliser. Avoid using steam cleaners, because they can cause the odour to become permanent.

Wax stains are quite nasty as well. In order to remove those, you are going to need a bag of ice or anything cold enough that you can put on the spot, so that the stain can become as solid as possible. After it solidifies get a knife or something of a similar texture and scrub off the stain. Once the wax is gone, you can use the vacuum cleaner so that the spot where the wax had fallen, can take its previous form. And in case that there is still a little left of the stain, before using the vacuum cleaner rub the spot with rubbing alcohol to remove it.

Removing gum from the carpet, is similar to removing wax from it. Once again we are going to have to solidify the stain and then scrub it off with a knife from the spot, but this time, after scrubbing off the gum, we are also going to have to blot the spot with trichloroethylene. This is going to remove the remains of the gum completely from the carpet. You can buy trichloroethylene from any hardware or drug store.

Coffee, beer and milk stains are common persistent stains as well. Being in a hurry in the morning, to go to work, we often take a cup of coffee with us and spilling some in the rush is not something rare. In those cases we need to dry the spot with paper towel and rub it with a carpet shampoo. Once we do that we are going to cover the spot with paper towels which we are going to press down with something heavy for the next few hours.
Ink and dry paint we can remove by immediately dabbing with paint remover. There is a slight chance, that this is not going to work. In case it doesn’t work, we are going to need to use dry cleaning fluid. Rubbing alcohol should also do the trick. While we use it we should occasionally re-wet the cloth, that we are using. Also to avoid damage on the carpet, we should use warm water and vinegar. Lubricants can be used as well, but you need to be extremely careful, because they can worsen the situation. Try it first on a area that is not visible. There is also another solution. You can try with a shaving cream. Put shaving cream on the spot, rinse with a lot of water and then rub it for a while. Add a little bit more water, rub one or two more times and remove with a vacuum cleaner.

Those were my short tips for professional carpet cleaning. Using them will make the war with the persistent stains far more easier. Go and get them!

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