How Often Should You Clean and Sanitise Your Bathroom

a clean and tidy bathroom

Bathrooms are essential to our hygiene. Cleaning and sanitising your bathroom is also essential to your hygiene and overall health,

With use, bathrooms can become a breeding ground for bacteria, develop mould and even get you sick. So how often should you clean and sanitise your bathroom? Small-time maintenance – pretty much every day. But let’s have a more detailed look.

Everyday Maintenance

Cleaning your bathroom is something you should strive to do pretty much every day. Any spills from your shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream or other bathroom-related products should not be left sitting on your sinks or counters and should be sanitized instead. They could become a breeding ground for bacteria and since you use them often, such spills can potentially cause an illness.

Even with great ventilation in your bathroom, you should dry it after use. For one, a soaked bathroom could pose a slipping hazard, but additionally, it could also lead to mould and mildew growth.

Throwing out the contents of the bathroom trash bin is another thing you should do to keep your bathroom clean. Airing and venting daily is a great way to keep moisture levels at bay and freshen it up.

Occasional Maintenance

Every week or two, you will have to dive a bit deeper into cleaning and sanitising your bathroom. For one, you will need to give your toilet a good scrubbing and some sanitising. Using the right chemicals, you might want to give the toilet a good scrub and remove calcolous build-up within it, especially if the water in your area is a bit harsher.

Whether you are using a shower cabin or tub, you should tend to all their components with a bit of sanitisation campaign. Shower heads, faucets, drains, tub plugs, and tiles – cleaning them at least on a bi-weekly basis is extremely important to keep your bathroom fixtures in good condition.

Changing the freshener is a small step, but still a simple way of making your bathroom stay more pleasant.

General decluttering will make your bathroom cleaner and more pleasant to use. Remove anything empty or that you no longer use.

Situational Cleaning

Sometimes, you will need to get out of your usual routine when it comes to cleaning and sanitising your bathroom. Whether it would be because of a sink or a toilet smelling too bad or you have stumbled upon some mildew creeping its way on the ceiling.

Clogs are another reason to put on your rubber gloves and go on a cleaning spree in your bathroom.

Deep Cleaning

Once a month, it is a good idea to spare the time of day and go for deep cleaning your bathroom. Moving everything around, getting in the hard-to-reach places, disassembling partially your bathroom fixtures, and giving every little corner of the bathroom attention, will make your bathroom far more pleasant and healthy to use, both by your family and guests!

If you need help with cleaning and sanitising your bathroom, do not hesitate to call a professional cleaning service, to free up some of your time and get the job done without a sweat!