Does the hygiene in our home affect our relationships?

family argument

Some surveys show that the hygiene in our homes affects our relationships.

Many women prefer to do the cleaning themselves and wouldn’t agree for some additional help. On the other hand most men confirm that they don’t care that much when it comes to cleaning jobs in the household.

family argument
Hygiene in our homes affects our relationships

80% of the men say they hate cleaning the bathroom most of any other tasks. Sometimes they would even fail intentionally just to avoid being asked to do cleaning jobs in future.
One quarter of the men admit they would only take part in the cleaning to satisfy their other halves.

However thou the ladies don’t really encourage their partners to take part in tidying up or cleaning just because they think men are not good enough to meet their standards. They believe that men will never achieve good results with cleaning the bathroom, toilet, washing dishes, ironing, making the beds or even vacuuming.

Sadly more than 80% of those who took part in the survey are saying that they have had serious arguments with their partners based on hygienic issues. About 50% admit that those arguments led to more serious problems.

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