Carpet Cleaning Rates

These prices are based on general maintenance carpet/upholstery cleaning.
However it is very important for us to collect as much information as possible about type of carpet, staining, previous cleaning history, in order to avoid disappointment. Only then or after inspection (something we always recommend), we will be able to provide a professional advice and the best quality service at the best price.

Depending on your needs our carpet/upholstery cleaning service can include:

  • Dry vacuuming, dry cleaning;
  • Deep extraction cleaning;
  • Stain/gum removal;
  • Moving and protecting furniture exposed directly on the carpet;
  • Dye bleed testing (for oriental carpets);
  • Deodorising your carpet;
  • Removing bad smells;
  • Applying carpet/upholstery protector.
Carpet Cleaning Prices
Single Bedroom £20
Double Bedroom £26
Living / Dining / Lounge £28
Bathrooms £5
Stairs (per step) £1.50
Landings £5
Hallway Regular / Large £8 / £10
Toilets £5
Commercial carpet cleaning (per sq. metre) £1.50
Rug Cleaning Prices
Rugs Small (size up to 6 x 4 feet 180 x 120cm) £15
Rugs Large (size up to 8 x 6 feet 240 x 210cm) £20
Mattress Cleaning Prices
Single mattress £15
Double mattress £20
King size mattress £25

Please note that not every stain can come off the mattresses.

Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning Rates

We understand that fabrics are different and may require special attention and treatment. That’s why our prices are not based per unit but per hour of labour.
With the years of experience we learned how to be more accurate and work better with both our customers and cleaners.
Please note that we cannot provide a fixed quote for upholstery cleaning over the phone, we can only estimate timing for cleaning depending on the piece of furniture.

Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning Prices
Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning up to 2 hours (minimum charge)* £50
* Additional hours £25 per hour

Domestic Cleaning Rates

Our regular domestic cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning surfaces in the kitchen, general dusting and polishing;
  • Dusting in bedrooms;
  • Cleaning of bathrooms, loos and shower rooms;
  • Cleaning all floors – hoover carpets, mop hard floors.

At NO extra cost you can also include:

  • Changing bed linen;
  • Tidying up;
  • Ironing;
  • Washing and drying.
Domestic Cleaning Prices
Regular domestic cleaning (for more than 3 hours/ weekly) £10 per hour
Regular domestic cleaning (for more than 3 hours/ fortnightly) £11 per hour
Regular domestic cleaning (2 hours per visit – weekly / fortnightly) £12 per hour
One Off general cleaning (minimum 3 hours) £12 per hour

Other Types of Cleaning Services Rates

Other Types of Cleaning Services Prices
Spring cleaning (including cleaning products and equipment) £14 per hour
End of tenancy cleaning (including cleaning products and equipment) £14 per hour
Moving in-out cleaning (including cleaning products and equipment) £14 per hour
Oven cleaning up to 3 hours (minimum charge)* £50
* Additional hours £14 per hour

Commercial Cleaning Rates

Commercial Cleaning Prices
Office cleaning £12 per hour
Commercial cleaning (beauty salons, restaurants etc.) £12 per hour

All prices may vary depending on the area.

*Each type of cleaning could be subject to separate, personal quotation and offer!

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