We all love spending time being “embraced” by our lovely sofas. They can be so comfortable, right? But in order to keep them in good condition we have to take good care for them on a regular basis. Yes, sofa cleaning is what we are talking about!

Unfortunately, no matter how much we love our upholstery, accidents happen and stains are left behind. Especially if you are with children or having pets. And if you do not take immediate action against the stain, the chances of it becoming a stubborn one, are getting higher. Also trying to do the upholstery cleaning alone may result in irreversible damage.

Sofa cleaningWhy sofa cleaning is so important? Well, like everything else in your home, upholstery should be clean and hygienic in order to preserve your family’s good health and to avoid an unpleasant look. You wouldn’t feel very comfortable in a dirty, smelly sofa, would you?

But do not be afraid, because you have Rainbow AV on your side!
At Rainbow AV we do all types of cleaning and we have proficiency in upholstery and sofa cleaning. We have been attending professional training courses for proper cleaning of different fabrics and leather. Meaning no matter of the case – we can handle it! We are providing our upholstery cleaning service for more than 5 years now, leaving countless of happy sofas and customers behind!

How it works?
After you contact us and book an appointment, our team of cleaners will visit you to inspect. After a careful inspection the best cleaning method will be advised and performed.

Remember – do not ever try to wash pillow covers or other parts of your upholstery in a washing machine! This may result in discoloring and will end up as a permanent damage!

For more information, tips or a free quote about taking the right care for your upholstery, please contact us!

We’ll be happy to advise and help!

We understand that fabrics are different and may require special attention and treatment. That’s why our prices are not based per unit but per hour of labour.
With the years of experience we learned how to be more accurate and work better with both our customers and cleaners.
Please note that we cannot provide a fixed quote for upholstery cleaning over the phone, we can only estimate timing for cleaning depending on the piece of furniture.

Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning Prices
Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning up to 2 hours (minimum charge)* £50
* Additional hours £25 per hour

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