Hard floor maintenance seems to be the easiest – you just spray it down, mop around and that’s it! But it’s not always what it seems. Depending of the type, your floor needs different care and special treatment. For example you can’t clean stone and wooden floorings the same way. Cleaning the hard floor is important not only for the hygiene, but also for preserving and keeping it in healthy and beautiful condition. Removing the dirt and sand is essential.

We are well aware of this risks involved when dealing with different hard floor coverings and the specific knowledge and skills they require. That’s why we have been attending training courses of instruction in the use of industry approved methods, equipment and cleaning products in the maintenance and cleaning of floor covering – hard, smooth, resilient, porous, semi-porous and non-porous floors. Apart from being trained to avoid the risks of this type of cleaning, our cleaners know how to avoid harming your floor as well. Because the non-proper treatment may actually cause damage along with the cleaning.

Professional hard floor cleaning and maintenance is one of the services we provide not only to private homes but to commercial properties as well.

Hard Floor Cleaning services

Our services include:

  • application of seals
  • scrub strip of seals and polishes
  • application of polishes, emulsion and waxes
  • spray cleaning
  • scrub cleaning
  • spray burnishing

Our professional hard floor cleaning and maintenance services cover all types of flooring such as:

  • wood and cork
  • terracotta and limestone
  • linoleum and vinyl
  • ceramic tiles and laminate
  • granite, marble or quarry tiles

Rainbow AV does not have a standard price list for providing this service.
All hard floor coverings should be carefully inspected and examined before providing any quotation. Collecting as much information as possible will help us giving a professional advice and deliver the best quality service to our clients. For more information about the service, no obligational visit and quote please contact us.

Rainbow AV aims to provide all types of cleaning services to our clients in Surbiton, Kingston upon Thames and surrounding areas in Surrey.

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