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For hygienic reasons carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. The professional cleaning treatment is going to keep your carpets hygienic and good-looking. Simply vacuuming along won’t do the job or at least, not the proper way. But a carefully selected professional carpet cleaning method can really extend the life of your carpet. Rainbow AV is providing professional carpet cleaning services at extremely good prices, saving you money and time.

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We have years of experience not only with carpet cleaning but all types of cleaning services in Kingston, Surbiton and surrounding areas. If you have never used professional carpet cleaning services before, don’t worry! You are leaving your carpets in good hands. We have been attending professional training courses of instruction in the use of approved methods for maintenance cleaning, stain removal techniques of all types of carpet. When it comes to the proper use of equipment and cleaning detergents we know how important it is to leave your carpet with the professionals.

At Rainbow AV we know that all customers have different needs. Some home owners in Surrey will maintain their carpets regularly, understanding that carpet cleaning is mainly about removing soil/dust and dirt, same as they will do with their bathroom or kitchen floor – just staying on top of it. Some tenants will clean their carpets only when they are moving out of the rented property. Of course we can’t blame them for that – why would you spend money on trying to extend it’s life when it’s not yours? Both homeowners and tenants will sometimes search for a carpet cleaner only because there’s a stain on the carpet and they failed to remove it themselves.

Whatever the reason is to search for a carpet cleaning company Rainbow AV can help!

You can contact us using our contact form or call us at 020 3689 8038 in order to get a free quote or get your questions answered.

Carpet Cleaning Prices*
Single Bedroom £20
Double Bedroom £26
Living / Dining / Lounge £28
Bathrooms £5
Stairs (per step) £1.50
Landings £5
Hallway Regular / Large £8 / £10
Toilets £5
Commercial carpet cleaning (per sq. metre) £1.50
Rug Cleaning Prices
Rugs Small (size up to 6 x 4 feet 180 x 120cm) £15
Rugs Large (size up to 8 x 6 feet 240 x 210cm) £20
Mattress Cleaning Prices
Single mattress £15
Double mattress £20
King size mattress £25

Please note that not every stain can come off the mattresses.

*Minimum charges apply


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